Learning to read with stories, songs, jokes, games, and more!

How You Can Help Your Child At Home

As a parent, time is often a worry or constraint that you have to deal with, so we have a list of suggestions that can vary from something you can quickly do as an integrated part of your family life to things like dedicated days out:

  • Encourage reading, writing, listening, and speaking at home.
  • Develop their confidence and self esteem by encouragement and praise.
  • Surround your child with relevant literature, books, magazines, comics, etc.
  • Use books from their school library or your community library.
  • Read aloud to your child as often as possible.
  • Read along with your child.
  • Discuss their stories with them.
  • Listen to their ideas and answer their questions.
  • Involve writing and reading in everyday activities, eg.
    • Shopping lists
    • Newspaper
    • Food labels
    • Using a “note” system
    • Pin-up board, whiteboard, or chalkboard
    • Television programs
  • When you listen to your child read:
    • Make it a positive, stress-free experience.
    • When your child stumbles on a word, tell them the word.
    • Ask your child to retell the story in own words.
    • Realize the value of silent reading.
  • Help your child with projects and homework in an encouraging way:
    • Check their homework (eg. spelling words)
    • Take your child to interesting places and discuss the trip with them