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Moother Goose Nursery Rhymes, Vol. 6

A Ship's Nail

Over the water,
And under the water,
And always with its head down.

Betty Blue

Little Betty Blue
Lost her holiday shoe;
What shall little Betty do?
Give her another
To match the other
And then she'll walk upon two.

The Donkey

Donkey, donkey, old and gray,
Ope your mouth and gently bray;
Lift your ears and blow your horn,
To wake the world this sleepy morn.

A Pig

As I went to Bonner,
I met a pig
Without a wig
Upon my word and honor.

The Old Woman of Gloucester

There was an old woman of Gloucester,
Whose parrot two guineas it cost her,
But its tongue never ceasing,
Was vastly displeasing
To the talkative woman of Gloucester.

Sing, Sing

Sing, sing, what shall I sing?
Cat's run away with the pudding-string!
Do, do, what shall I do?
The cat has bitten it quite in two.