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The Fox And The Robin

A fox on the ground is talking to a robin in a tree. We can see a forest in the background.

Once upon a time, a fox was hunting for food, when he heard a robin singing in a nearby tree.

The robin would make a tasty meal, but the fox had to find a way to get the robin to come down from the tree.

The fox tried to trick the robin. With a very smooth voice, the fox asked the robin, “Have you heard of the new rule about peace and harmony among all animals?”

The robin knew that the fox was trying to trick her, so she pretended to believe him. “No, I have not heard of that rule. It is a very good rule to have.”

The fox was eager to tell the robin all the details. “Yes, we animals no longer eat one another. Now we are all friends who love one another,” said the fox to the robin. “Please come down from the tree, and be my friend,” said the fox to the robin.

But instead of coming down, the robin pretended to be looking at something in the forest. The fox asked the robin what she was looking at.

The robin said, “I think I see a pack of hounds coming this way.”

“Hounds, you say? I must be going now,” said the fox as he quickly ran away.

The robin is holding her wing to shade her eyes as she looks off in the distance. The nervous fox on the ground is running away in the opposite direction.

“Why must you go?” asked the robin. “You have nothing to fear from the hounds. Do you not remember the new rule of peace and harmony among animals?”

“I am not sure the hounds yet know of this rule,” yelled the fox as he ran away.

The robin laughed in amusement and went back to her singing.

The end.

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