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A firefighter’s job is to put out fires and help keep us safe.

Firefighters have a lot of special equipment to help them.

Firefighters wear a fire helmet. It protects a firefighter's head and face in a fire.

Firefighters wear a fire coat. It protects a firefighter's body from heat and water in a fire.

Firefighters wear fire pants. They protect a firefighter's legs.

Firefighters wear special gloves. They protect a firefighter's hands.

Firefighters wear special boots. They protect firefighter’s feet. The handles help the firefighters put them on quickly.

Firefighters sometimes wear a special face mask. The mask is connected to a tank with air so firefighters can breathe when there is a lot of smoke.

Firefighters sometimes use an axe. They use an axe to get to people who are trapped in a fire.

Firefighters use a hose to squirt water at the fire. The water puts out the fire.

Firefighters can look scary when they have all of their equipment on. Even though they may look scary, never run from a firefighter. They are there to help.

Firefighters ride to fires and emergencies in a fire truck. The firefighters and fire truck stay in a special building called a firehouse. They are always ready to go!

A fire truck is big and red. It has a loud siren and horn to tell people to let them through.

The firefighters have special training to fight fires.

Firefighters use the ladders on the fire trucks to help rescue people.

Firefighters are brave. They have a very dangerous job. Hurray for the firefighters!

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