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Once upon a time, there lived a rich emperor who had nothing to do but think about which clothes he would wear.

He changed clothes every hour and showed them off to his people.

Two wicked men wanted to trick the emperor and take his money.

The men said they were tailors who could sew magical clothes that could only be seen by people who were smart and wise.

The emperor paid the men a lot of money to make the magical clothes.

When the emperor put on the magical clothes, he was embarrassed to see in the mirror that he was naked.

“If I see nothing, that means I am not smart and wise,” the emperor thought to himself. So the emperor said, “How beautiful my new clothes are,” even though he could not see any clothes.

All the people gathered to see the emperor show off his magical clothes. “If I see nothing, that means I am not smart and wise,” the people thought to themselves. So the people said, “How beautiful the Emperor’s new clothes are,” even though they could not see any clothes.

But one small boy laughed said, “The emperor is naked.”

Picture 2: The emperor is standing naked on the balcony of his palace, acting like he is wearing dazzling royal clothing. A crowd of people has gathered in the plaza below to see the emperor’s new clothes. A young boy sitting on his father’s shoulder, is laughing and pointing at the emperor. We can only see the emperor from the waist up because of the stone railing on the balcony

The emperor realized that the child was right, but he could not tell the people that he had been tricked by the two wicked men. Then the people would know that he was not smart and wise. So the emperor continued to act like he was wearing his magical clothes, even though he was wearing nothing at all.

The end.

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