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I have a dream house
I see in my mind.
I go there quite often,
It's one-of-a-kind.

Enter my dream house,
I'll show you around.
I'm sure you'll find something
That's yet to be found. ..Welcome!

My dream house is painted
All purple and green,
It's spotted and striped,
With aquamarine.

My dream house has many
Hard wooden floors
With flowers and trees
Sprouting up through the boards.

Red grass grows a staircase
Rising up to the next floor
To tunnels and caves
With thirty-six doors
..So I climb up.

Thirty-six doors
Like a TV show game,
Which one should I choose,
They're not all the same.

From thirty-six doors
I must pick only one.
It makes all the difference,
Determines the fun.

Five looks promising,
So what would you do?
I stare at nineteen,
But open thirty-two
..So I leap in.

Weird cats jump around
Through door thirty-two.
They dance and pirouette
Like a circus or zoo.

There are parrots and pigeons
Yes, birds of all kinds,
One Andean condor,
An extremely rare find.

Some creatures below
Make a watery stew,
There's sharks, squids and whales,
I see them, don't you?

Enough of the animals,
I want something new!

I stride through the hallways
Find nicknacks and odd things,
Translucent moon bubbles
Tied together with strings.

I slide down to the kitchen
Amidst cooking machines,
Ovens and, toasters and blenders,
They grind and they scream.

Each one churs, whines and bakes
Such marvelous treats,
An incredible spread,
A phenomenal feast
..So I eat and I EAT.

I stroll to a blue room,
The shower is there.
I try goos and shampoos
Special cremes on my hair.

I climb to the attic,
Reach in through the dark.
Something starts BUZZING!
It alights with a spark.

I pull my hand back,
Spin around and I race
Plunge down the steep stairway
Away from THAT place,

Oh, the basement is next,
And it's frightening, too!
Are there monsters inside.
And ghosts that shout BOO?

I flip on the light
The room's empty and bare,
My fear disappears,
I've avoided that scare.
...Still, I tiptoe away!

Ascending more steps
To my room I retreat.
I come here most often
When I want to meet...

Heroes and Pirates,
Aliens and Crooks,
They live on the shelf
Inside of my books
...AndI read lots!

All of these things
Can be found in my home,
But it's time to move on
Soon I won't be alone.

Last in my dream house,
A waterfall falls.
Racing down in a kayak
I rush through the halls
..and I splash!

Into a large pool
Today's landing place,
Tomorrow will be different,
Perhaps outer space.

That is my dream house,
Until six o'clock
When Mom comes from work
And keys open the lock.

She asks as she enters,
"How was your day?"
My answer to her,
"It was okay"
...and I smile.

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