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The Day Little "A" Ran Away

A clever and entertaining way of teaching the value and place of letters in a very simple format. Next step, little "b"?

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Oh, my goodness, what a day!
Little a ran away.

Without little a,
We'll have no cat,
We'll have no hat,
We'll have no bat.

Without little a,
We'll have no ball,
We'll have no fall,
We'll have nothing tall.

Hooray, hooray, we see little a.
He did not run away.

He just went out to play.

We'll have a cat.

We'll have a hat.

We'll have a bat.

We'll have a ball.

We'll have the fall.

We'll have something tall.

Hooray, hooray, we found little a.
I hope he's back to stay.

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