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Cyrus Becomes A Clown

Cyrus wants to be a great clown, but never quite makes it until a sneeze changes his luck.

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It was opening night at the Circus. Cyrus was preparing for his big debut. He had practiced his juggling routine for weeks.

He could even balance a whole tea party on his head while riding a unicycle.

Though all the clowns in the troupe were funny, Cyrus had great strength and balance as well. He could jump through fire. And you wouldn’t believe what he could do next.

In all his days of practice, he never had an accident. Not one. But this night, he was nervous. He had never performed in front of a huge crowd before.

After the elephant ballet, and the tightrope walkers, the Ring Master pointed to Cyrus. It was finally his turn. He made it through the ring of fire without a scratch. He landed on one foot after the cannonball entrance, too.

So he thought he would go big…real big this time. He started out juggling eggs. Then he added squirrels, water balloons, and a family of monkeys, all while balancing a tea party on his head.

He was just about to add blueberry pies, when he sneezed and it all came crashing down.

The tea party was now a floor party. The crowd laughed hysterically, except for the lady with squirrels in her hair. Never had the circus heard such laughter and clapping before. Cyrus climbed out from under the mess. He was so embarrassed by his accident that he ran and hid behind the curtain.

But to his surprise the crowd was chanting, “Cyrus! Cyrus! ”The other clowns pulled Cyrus back into the ring. He bowed to the cheering crowd. The Ring Master placed a special hat on his head. It said, Funniest Clown In Town. Cyrus had become a star!

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