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Captain Caitlyn To The Rescue

Captain Caitlyn is out to save the world, one animal rescue at a time.

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“Not so fast!” cried her mom. “What about your Krispy Korns and orange juice?”
“Can’t wait,” said Caitlyn. “There’s an emergency over on Seashore Road.”

On Seashore Road, she found Byron Wheeler throwing rocks at Annie Schlechter’s cat.
“Captain Caitlyn to the rescue!” she cried. “Stop at once, or I’ll–
Byron’s mother called him in for breakfast just then, so Caitlyn didn’t have to say more. Captain Caitlyn ran down the street.

“You’re out early,” said Mr. Thomas, buttoning his jacket against the rain. “Where are you off to so fast?”
“Can’t wait!” Caitlyn gasped. “There’s an emergency over at Pelican Court.” And she hurried along as fast as her boots would carry her, dreaming of fresh fish on a stick. Or maybe a waffle.

At Pelican Court, she found Mrs. Ferguson’s dog Angus stuck in a hole in the fence. “Captain Caitlyn to the rescue,” she said, and set him free. Angus gave her a slurpy kiss. Captain Caitlyn and Angus ran in the rain.

“What’s the rush?” asked the Lemieux twins as they delivered the morning paper.
“Can’t wait!” she puffed. “There’s an emergency over on Cedar Crescent.” Caitlyn hurried along as fast as her sloshy boots would go, and dreamed of last night’s cold leftover fish. Or maybe even two eggs and a muffin.

On Cedar Crescent, she found Roxanne Barber shaking an apple tree. A blue rain hat was snagged in the branches. Two angry robins shrieked overhead.
“Captain Caitlyn to the rescue!” she shouted. “Stop at once, or I’ll–
A big splot of rainwater fell in Roxanne’s face just then, so Caitlyn didn’t have to say more.

Roxanne wiped her eyes. Angus’ nose quivered. And Captain Caitlyn looked.
There in the middle of a puddle lay a baby bird.
“Captain Caitlyn to the rescue,” Caitlyn whispered. She knelt to pick it up, dreaming of bacon and pancakes. Or maybe even that fried snake.
The robins wouldn’t let her near the nest, not even when Roxanne helped. So Caitlyn took the baby bird and Angus home.

“My gracious, you’re wet!” said Mrs. Ferguson as she let Angus into the yard. “Won’t you come in for some toast and tea?”
Caitlyn’s stomach growled. “Can’t stay,” she said. “There’s an emergency at Sunrise Way.” Cradling the baby bird in her hand, she walked as carefully as her soggy boots would take her. And dreamed of bugs and worms.

At home, Caitlyn emptied her treasure box and lined it with clean socks. In the backyard, she dug up a luscious fat worm.

“Not so fast!” said her mom. “Where are you going with that thing?”
“Can’t wait,” Caitlyn said. “There’s an emergency up in my room.”

Captain Caitlyn pulled off her muddy boots and jacket. Very carefully, she fed the baby bird its breakfast.

Then she sat down to have her Krispy Korns and orange juice. And last night’s cold leftover fish.

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