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Busybody Bears

You have never heard so many words beginning with "B" since someone last read you a dictionary. Bears of all kinds, in B-word rhymes.

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Billy Bob Bear, a butterball bear
Ballooned and busted his britches.
Billy Bob binged on bon bons and brownies,
And buffets brimming with blintzes.

Barnaby Bear, a bakery bear,
Found baking but buns to be blah.
Barnaby begged to bake something but buns,
Now Barnaby bakes baklavah.

Beauregard Bear, a bowling-ball bear,
Bowled balls at Bert's Bowl-A-Rama.
Beauregard brought a bowling bonanza
To Birmingham, Alabama.

Bigelow Bear, a bookwormish bear,
Bought books by bartering barley.
Bigelow bartered for books by Browning,
By Byron, Bacon and Barkley.

Buckalew Bear, a bubbly bear,
Blew into Butte from the Bronx
Now Buckalew Bear's a buckaroo bear
Bouncing on big bucking broncs.

Benjamin Bear, a bean-bagging bear,
Bagged beans at a bean-bag boutique.
Ben's bagging bedazzled baboons and boars,
And big birds with billowing beaks.

Bobbaloo Bear, a bobbling bear,
Bobbed in a boat with his buddies.
Bobbaloo botched the boating so badly
It bored his boating bear buddies.

Bakery bears and buckeroo bears,
Bartering bears to boot,
Bowling and boating and bean-bagging bears,
From Birmingham 'Bama to Butte.

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