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Bobo The Baby Elephant Grows Up

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Bobo looked at the baby animals and thought how much fun it was to play in the sand. But Bobo was no longer a baby elephant.

Now, Bobo had chores to do. Mother elephant told Bobo to clean his room, make his bed and put his toys away. Bobo discovered what it meant to be more grown up. Bobo did not like being more grown up.

Bobo looked under his bed, expecting to find the monsters that he knew lived there. Instead, he discovered a lot of dust bugs.Bobo went chasing after the dust bugs with his broom. But Bobo discovered that dust bugs were hard to catch.Bobo also discovered that dust bugs go flying around the room when they are disturbed by a broom.

When Bobo finished his chores, he went exploring. Bobo discovered that not everything was nice. A mean snake bit him right on the trunk. Bobo discovered his temper. Bobo was so mad at the snake that he pulled up a tree with his trunk. Father elephant came running to stop Bobo before he hurt the snake.

When Bobo got over his tantrum, he went to swim in the pond. Bobo loved to play in the water. Bobo discovered that fish could breathe under water. When Bobo tried to breathe under water like the fish, Bobo discovered that he could only make bubbles and swallow water. Bobo did not like breathing under water. Bobo discovered that he could make his trunk work as a fire extinguisher by blowing water with it.Bobo discovered that frogs could travel on top of the water and under it. Bobo thought it would be fun to be a frog.

Bobo continued discovering the world around him, but he wandered too far from home. Father elephant came running to find him. But father elephant tripped and fell. He lost his glasses and could not see the angry alligator nearby. Bobo went to shoo the alligator way until father elephant found his glasses and came to help.

Bobo the elephant discovered what it meant to be brave. Now, Bobo likes being more grown up.

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