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Autumn 1

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In autumn, the leaves start to change color. They change to red, yellow, and brown.
In autumn, the leaves start to fall off of the trees. That is why autumn is also called the fall.
In autumn, the weather starts to get cooler. We start to wear long sleeved shirts, long pants, and sweaters.
School starts in autumn. We see children getting on yellow busses and going to school.
Trees start to spread their seeds in autumn. Acorns are the seeds for oak trees.
Pine trees have pinecones for seeds. They fall off of the trees in autumn so new trees can start to grow in the spring.
In autumn, the birds migrate south. To migrate means moving from one place to another for a long time.
In autumn, some animals, like bears, hibernate for the winter. Hibernation is when some animals go to sleep.
They sleep all the way through the winter!
In autumn, we see fall fruits and vegetables. Apples are a delicious fall fruit.
Pumpkins are ready to pick in autumn. Pumpkins are fall vegetables called gourds.
Here's a pumpkin patch. We can pick a pumpkin for Halloween.
Halloween is in autumn.
Here's a jack-o-lantern. Isn't it scary? You can also make a pumpkin pie. Pumpkin pie is a tasty fall treat.
Some sports start in autumn and go through the winter, and some sports come to an end.
In autumn, hockey season starts.
Best of all, in autumn, we have the World Series! Autumn is a busy and fun time of the year.

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