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Alphabet Funnies ABC

Short humorous poems about the beginning sounds of the letters ABC.

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Alphabet Funnies ABC Lyrics

A makes the A sound.
A, as in ape.

The ape ate a cake.
Amy ate a grape.
The ape ate the plate.
Amy was agape.

A also makes the Aaa sound.
Aaa, as in ant.

An ant had an apple.
Andy had no apple.
Then, an ant had no apple.
And Andy had an apple snack.

B makes the B sound.
B, as in boy.

Bees buzz by the blossoms.
Bears bound by the brook.
Boars barrel through the brush.
Bob borrowed a book.

C makes the K sound.
C, as in clown.

Collies come to their callers.
Cowboys come to the corral.
Crabs crawl on the coral.
Carl croons Christmas carols.

C also makes the S sound.
C, as in celery.

Celeste likes cinnamon cider.
Cecil likes cedars in circles.
Cyrus likes citrus and celery
Caesar likes seeing the circus.

The End

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