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Alberta Sparrow

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Alberta huddled in the corner of the nest she shared with her mother, father, two brothers and three sisters. She was alone in the nest because her parents were teaching their children how to fly. All except Alberta.

"Come on scaredy-cat!" yelled a brother as he swooped by the nest showing off. Sparrows, like Alberta and her family, do not have colorful feathers, but they are good fliers. All except Alberta. A tear dripped off Alberta's beak. She wanted to learn to fly, too, but every time she went to the edge of the nest and looked over the side, she felt dizzy. It was up so high!

Alberta's parents had built their nest in a plant that hung high in the air on the porch of a house where people live. Maybe like your house. Alberta's dad landed near her, carrying a worm in his beak. "Here, have a bite. You'll feel better." Alberta nibbled on the worm. It tasted good. "Thanks, Dad."

"Ready to give those wings a try?"
"I...I guess so."
"I'll be right beside you."

Alberta stretched her wings and shook them out, ruffling her feathers. "You'll be beside me?"

"You bet." So, Alberta took a deep breath, closed her little black eyes and leaped off the side of the nest into the air.

"Flap those wings!" shouted her dad. Alberta flapped and flapped, and in no time she felt a breeze lift her up into the sky. She opened her eyes. She saw her father and mother flying beside her, her brothers and sisters flying above her. But when she looked down, she saw the most amazing sight! She saw their nest. Alberta was flying so high, that the nest was below her!

"You did it!"

The whole Sparrow family cheered for Alberta, cheeping and peeping. Listen...can you hear them?

The End.

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