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Aghast, Agape And Agog

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Aghast, agape and agog,
Gaston, Garfield and Garp,
Ogled a giggling goose and gander,
Grouped in a gaggle of grinning geese,
Guffawing giddily, gaping at
Gargantuan gorillas, gathering grain,
Grinding golden grist and guiding
Grumpy goats from the garden,
Gluttonous goats, gumming gardenias,
Grousing at gadflies gadding about,
Galling garishly grinning gargoyles,
Ghoulishly glaring from Gothic gables,
Gazing at gussied-up guests, grandly gathering,
Gossiping, gabbling gobbly-gook,
Greedily gobbling goodies and gawking at
Grannie and Gramps gaily ga-gaing at
Grandkids going goo-goo, goo-goo,
Gazing at gophers gorging on goldenrod,
Grating on grumbling, goldbricking gardeners,
Guarding the garden from gorging gophers,
Grandkids going goo-goo, goo-goo,
Granny and gramps going ga-ga,
Gussied-up gabbling, gossipy guests,
Ghoulish gargoyles, gadding gadflies,
Gluttonous goats gumming gardenias,
Gargantguan gorillas grinding grist,
Gaggles of goggle-eyed grinning geese,
A giggling goose and gander and
Gaston, Garfield and Garp,
Aghast, agape and agog.

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